Take The Chaos Out of Christmas

"I'd like to just enjoy the holidays with my family without the drama!  It feels like we're rushing from one thing to another without taking the time to relax.  Then, I end up mad and yelling because the holidays aren't turning out the way I expected.  It's always a letdown."

We all want a great holiday with our family, but we end up being letdown in the end. With this ebook, you won't have a holiday like that again.  This book has everything you need to stay calm in the chaos, manage high expectations, tight finances, and difficult extended family members.

It's time to bring the joy back into the season!



Take the Chaos Out of Christmas contains everything you need to create a happy, joyful holiday without stress, anger or yelling.

“Maybe... Just maybe... I would like to spend time together with my family without everyone being in a frenzy over cleaning house, wrapping presents, and making glamorous food spreads, and comparing who gave what to whom, and received what from whom!”

Proven Tips That Work

The tips in this book are proven techniques that have helped thousands of people across the world.  You'll learn not only how to control anger, but the biological reasons WHY you get angry in the first place.  These tips aren't opinions that might work, they are therapeutic tools proven to work.

Written by Someone Who Knows

Amanda Rueter, M.Ed. was a Mental Health Therapist who brings tips from the therapy room right into the pages of this book.  This book isn't filled with opinions, it has proven techniques to help any parent find focus, boundaries, and calm during the most stressful time of year.

About the Author

Amanda Rueter, M.Ed. was a Mental Health Therapist who is passionate about empowering Mothers to be the best parents that they can be. Being a mom of two boys, she knows first hand about the stress of raising kids. 

Amanda  blogs about motherhood and parenting on her blog, Messy Motherhood.  She's also the founder of the Stop Yelling Challenge on Facebook, and instructor behind the very successful eCourse, Mama's Anger Management.