Survive Summer Break with Kids

Are you ready to declare this THE BEST SUMMER EVER?

How would summer be different if you could:

  • Know how to help your bored kids cope with downtime?
  • Make time for yourself no matter how busy your summertime schedule is?
  • Stay calm so you can break the cycle of chaos and yelling?

Summers with kids are limited, we only get 18 of them, so you want to make the most of that precious time. But so far it hasn’t actually gone down like that. 

Every time you plan something fun your kids seem to ruin it with sibling squabbles, bickering, and whining. And days at home are hard without any kid-free time for you.

You want this summer to be different but you’re not sure how to make that happen.

The Surviving Summertime Handbook can help you and your family have

"The Best Summer Ever!"

Take a Glimpse Inside

The Surviving Summer Handbook is a guide for moms that want to plan an epic summer full of adventure, manage busy day meltdowns like a pro, and find time for yourself to rest and recharge. 

With this Handbook, you'll be able to....

  • Stay calm among the chaos of the summer. 
  • Plan out your summer adventures with over 50 fun activities. 
  • Help your "I'm Bored" kid cope with down time. 
  • Find time for yourself, no matter how busy your summer is. 
  • Manage your child's busy day meltdowns. 
  • Create a peaceful and fun summer for your whole family.

Get all this and more in these 17 printable pages.