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About Amanda

Amanda Rueter, M.Ed., is the founder of Messy Motherhood and creator of the course, Mama's Anger Management. 

As a Mental Health Therapist and Mom of two boys, Amanda understands the power of big emotions and how to control them. She has taught tens of thousands of Moms around the world to control their temper, stop the yelling, and get their kids to listen.

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The Stop Yelling Challenge Is A Step-By-Step Plan Where You'll...

  • Discover how to stop feeling like you have to order your kids around all day long.  
  • Find out how to stop screaming because you don't know any other way to get your kids to listen.  
  • Learn how to respond to your kids thoughtfully instead of just reacting to their behavior.  
  • PLUS: Get proven calm down tips that will help you stay calm...even when you're super mad.  
  • and Much, MUCH more...

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