Are you ready to have a calm yell-free home with your kids?

It's Hard To Admit That
You Struggle With Anger

No one wants to admit that they yell at their kids.

Parental Anger, it's the big secret that we don't talk about but so many parents struggle with it.

 Getting angry and yelling isn't fun, it's not how you want to raise your kids.

Now is the time to get the solutions you need to control your temper.


Imagine...what it will feel like to intentionally respond to your kids without jumping straight to anger

Imagine...being able to stay calm when you start to feel your anger rise more yelling, no more screaming, no more turning into the HULK MOM.

You’re ready to stop the yelling, but it feels impossible...

"How am I  supposed to get my kids to listen when they don’t even have a clue I’m talking to them until the 3rd time I say their name?"

"How can I stay calm when I get angry and frustrated over the tiniest things and it just sneaks up on me?"

"How do I stop the yelling when it’s the only way my kids know that I’m serious?  Nothing else works!"

I know how hopeless and frustrating it can feel when you've tried so much but nothing changes.

That's Why I Created
Mama's Anger Management 

In this online program, you'll be able to stay calm when life gets chaotic, yell less, and build stronger relationships with your children.

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"Anger has been a struggle all of my life. I am 47, and have read many books, gone to counseling, and taken an anger management class. This is by far the best program and information I have seen." - Renita

Here's Exactly How We Do This...

Week #1: What's the Anger About?

  • Find out the underlying causes of your anger.
  • Disover how modern day Mom-Life creates angry moms and how to cope.
  • Build a self-care plan that's doable so that you can keep anger at bay.

Week #2: Your Unique Anger Triggers

  • Discover your triggers and the REAL reasons why you're losing your temper. isn't because of the kids...
  • Gain understanding around how you can be calm one second and EXPLODE the next.
  • Create a plan to manage your triggers, so anger doesn't take over.

Week #3: Learning To Stay Calm

  • Get proven tips straight from my therapy office that will help you get calm FAST.
  • Learn which calm down tips to use for your specific level of anger. Because taking a deep breath won't work when you're raging mad...
  • Discover brain-based techniques that can calm your whole body.

Week #4: Your Temper + Your Kids

  • Learn how to show your children healthy ways of dealing with anger.
  • Create the perfect plan to reconnect with your kids after anger happens.
  • Discover the BEST way of interacting with your kids when you do get angry.

"[This program] has really helped me understand that I CAN parent my child without yelling. My home already feels more peaceful. My child is happier and more cooperative. There are more hugs." - Trish 

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Ready to stop the yelling?

Mama's Anger Management Can Get You There

This Course Has Everything You Need

  • Learn Therapeutically Proven Strategies with 15 Lessons + notes
  • Practice What You Learn With 12 PDF Handouts To Use During Your Day
  • Write Down Ah-ha! Moments and Notes in the Printable Workbook
  • Get Lifetime Access To The Entire Program

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"I wanted to really make a change and this program has helped me. My children are happier and I am happier. This has even helped my marriage." - Chris  

You Probably Have Questions...

Q: I'm Busy! How Much Time Does Course Take? 

I understand you're busy! That's why this course is written in bite-sized chunks, just for busy moms like you.

This is a self-study course that you can go through at your own pace, when you're ready.

Q: When is the Live Coaching Call, and what if I can't attend?

The call will be on August 26th at 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST.

I know it's impossible to meet everyone's needs and some might not be able to make the call.

Whether you attend or not, you will be able to submit your question before the call and it will be answered during the call.

The call will also be recorded and the replay will be sent to you within 24 hours of the call.


Q: What age range of kids does Mama’s Anger Management work for?

Mama’s Anger Management works no matter how old your kids are.  

The focus of the program is to help YOU tame your temper so you aren’t yelling at your kids.  

It doesn’t matter if your kids are 3 or 13, the program works the same.   

Are You Ready For A Calm Home?

Mama's Anger Management Can Get You There

Sign Up Now To Get Everything You Need

  • Learn Therapeutically Proven Strategies with 15 Lessons + notes
  • Practice What You Learn With 12 PDF Handouts To Use During the Day
  • Write Down Notes and Ah-Ha! Moments in the Printable Workbook
  • Get Lifetime Access To The Entire Program

Just one payment of $99

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The price of Mama's Anger Management goes up in...

Hi, I'm Amanda Rueter, M.Ed

I believe that it is possible to parent your children peacefully without frustration and anger. 

As a trained Mental Health Therapist and Recovering Angry Mom, I know how hard it can be to keep yourself calm and cool while raising kids.

Whether you’re yelling all the time to just get your kid's attention, overwhelmed by parenting, or you’re just at the end of your rope, I can help.

I've been working with children and families for 18 years and have helped thousands of parents create calmer, yell-free homes for their entire family since founding Messy Motherhood in 2011.

It is possible to parent with less frustration and to truly enjoy this time of your life.