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Banish The Mom Funk

Mom Funk (n): A dejected mood felt by mothers. Symptoms of a mom funk include sadness, frustration, anger, stress, overwhelm, and extreme need to be left alone.

Mom Funks happen to everyone. We all go through times in our lives when we aren't all that happy. We are more emotional, less patient, and more solitary. 

Yes, The Funk is strong, but it’s not a life sentence. Your instructor, Amanda, is a Mental Health Therapist and she has the tools you need to chisel your way out.

During This Challenge, You'll learn how to... 

  • build a life filled with gratitude and joy 
  • create a daily self-care practice that’s tailored to your busy lifestyle 
  • discover what activities you love and enjoy doing 
  • get the tools you need to yell less, love more, and have happier days with your children. 

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