50 Ways To Calm Down

Helping You Stay Calm In The Chaos

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Stop Yelling and Start Connecting


This handout can help you release some of your anger using proven tips that work.  

How To Use This FREE Handout

  1. Click the yellow buttons on this page, and fill out the form. Then check your email for the handout
  2. Print it out and hang it somewhere where you can see it (I keep mine on the fridge)
  3. Look over the tips and pick out one or two that you might want to try.
  4. When you find yourself getting angry try out the tips you picked out, or head to your handout and find a new tip that you can easily do.
Some tips are relaxing tips (like taking deep breaths), some tips are bit more quirky (like having a dance party), but they all work.  Try them out and find a few that work best for you.

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