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Getting calm when your anger starts to rise

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50 Calm Down Tips Will Help You Stay Calm

All tips are therapeutically proven to work

  • Stay grounded and in control when start feeling angry.
  • Reset hard moments so you can respond thoughtfully.
  • Move on with your day instead of holding grudges.

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Hey, I'm Amanda

I believe that it is possible to parent your children peacefully without frustration and anger. 

As a trained Mental Health Therapist and Recovering Angry Mom, I know how hard it can be to keep yourself calm and cool while raising kids.

Whether you’re yelling all the time to just get your kid's attention, overwhelmed by parenting, or you’re just at the end of your rope, I can help.

I've been working professionally with children and parents since 2004 and have helped thousands of parents create calmer, yell-free homes for their entire family.

It is possible to parent with less frustration and to truly enjoy this time of your life.

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50 Calm Down Tips