Hey Mom, Tired of Losing Your Temper?

Stop the frustration from boiling over, even when your kids battle in the backseat of the car or completely trash their rooms.

These 50 Calm Down Cards will help you stay calm among the chaos of raising kids.

Yes!  I'm ready for calmer days

50 Calm Down Cards Printable Pack

 You get seven printable 8.5x11 inch pages for you to print using your home computer. Along with instructions, you'll find 50 therapeutically proven tips that will help you...

Break the tension of a stressful moment playfully.

Get your kid's attention so you don't have raise your voice. 

Show your children how to release anger in appropriate ways.

Relax when the anger rises, so you don't lose it on your kids.

Download them and start creating a happier home, for just...


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About the Author

Hi, I'm Amanda, wife, and mom of two boys. Before I was a Mom, I was a Mental Health Therapist who worked with mothers and children in crisis. I've taken my knowledge of counseling and motherhood and built my blog, Messy Motherhood, as well as products like these Calm Down Cards, to help parents feel empowered and confident in their parenting. 


Easy Instructions for Using These Cards

  • Check your inbox for the email with the cards.
  • Download and print cards on your home computer
  • Cut them out and laminate them if you choose to
  • Place them around your house, wallet, car, as reminders to stay calm.

Create A Happier Home Today!

These 50 Calm Down Cards will help you control your temper and playfully break the tension, even in the toughest moments!

All for just...


Download them and start creating a happier home, TODAY!